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Artist Statement

I am interested in creating evidence of human presence in each image that I make. Humans are represented in a bare-bones way, sometimes just a face and nothing more. I intend to get to the essence of representations of people, whether through portraits of lone figures or an array of many. In these prints, the people remain enigmatic yet still show a range of emotions. As my approach to making prints is largely instinctive, each one is filled with imagery and associations directly from my subconscious. I also leave space for the viewer to make their own interpretations.


My approach to completing the prints on my Current Work page has been to go to the studio as early as I can, with as little on my mind as possible. Drawing with altered Q-tips, brushes, and rags into ink rolled onto Plexiglas has helped to get me in touch with the process of making images, and I trust that years of exposure to and making of art can lead to a few successful prints on any given day.


The current work has been completed in community-oriented printmaking studios in Berkeley and San Francisco. I have enjoyed the sense of community that the studios offer, as I can see the work of others and have conversations about the creative process. While the act of creating prints is primarily a solo activity, it’s been great to be in the company of others as well.

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